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I can’t believe 9 months has already  passed. I am very excited to meet baby Matthew. The Dr. said that he should be coming around November 30th and the 1st which means I won’t be here the first week of December. I have loved watching Anna linda’s belly grow and the love between her and Matt (Dad to be) blossom into something beautiful. Baby Garza we are waiting patiently for your arrival into this crazy world! Can’t wait to meet you and hold you!


auntie Ily 🙂


BC-111P I N I T BC-112P I N I T

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This family is super sweet and we’ve had this session planned for weeks for Belen’s 6th birthday! Their two little girls couldn’t be any cuter wearing Matilda Jane Clothing that mommy picked out for them! Did I mention that Verna is an Independent Trunk Keeper for the Matilda Jane Clothing line. Be sure to look her up on Facebook here to place your orders. 

 I had a great time on our session- and so did they 🙂 Here are my favorites.

Little girl outfits and Verna’s Navy Top by Matilda Jane –

Necklace by Knotty Origami – 


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Often the biggest hurdle between wanting an updated portrait and actually having it done is WHAT DO I WEAR? Though I would greatly benefit from the use of a personal clothing consultant myself on a regular basis, I do know how colors, textures & combinations translate to a good photograph and have a few tips for portrait wardrobe selection.

Begin by answering the following questions:

What is the purpose of my portrait?

a) to update my walls

b) To announce an important life event

c) To have a fun experience

d) The whole family is going to be together

How formal is my home/ style?

a) relaxed, casual, comfortable = denim

b) classy casual = skirts, khakis, button-up shirts

c) very formal = dress pants, skirts, dresses, pressed shirts

What colors do I love to decorate with?

a) earth-tones: brown, rust, gold, cream

b) bold pops of color on a neutral canvas

c) soft and pale tones (pastels)

d) I have an absolute favorite color. Tell me what matches it?

e) Neutral tones- black, white, gray, cream

Is my home decor/ style more masculine or feminine?

Are there any colors I do not look good in or I detest? (simply avoid these).

Which colors make you feel happy?

a) red, magenta, orange, yellow, yellow-green = engergy, romance, warmth

b) turquoise, green, blue, purple = cool, calm, tranquility,

c) peace black, gray, tan, brown, white = neutrals, foundation, classic


Avoid being too “matchy, matchy” but look semi-coordinated. Don’t all arrive to your session wearing identical blue polo’s unless that is how you want to remember each other. Your family portrait may depict a blue shirted monster with 5 heads if you all wear the same exact color.
Denim or not? Decide if this casual or semi casual look is what you’re after. If not, decide what will be worn for pants/ skirts/ etc.
Select a favorite color family. It is okay to have blue be your theme, but combine lights (tints) and darks (shades) with your main color to create variety and contrast. This will give you some flexibility and will make it easier to pose you based on how the colors blend harmoniously.
Balance comes by adding neutrals. It is safe to add denim with essentially any color, so in this case we’ll consider it a neutral. Neutrals are classic- never appearing out dated and look great on all people. Black, gray (my favorite!), brown, tan, cream and white. These basics are a perfect canvas to add a splash of color. If you have a fair complexion/ hair a white top will wash you out- so choose a darker top. If you have a dark complexion/ hair, a black shirt will detract from your features. Just remember to balance things out.
Throw in a pattern or two with the solids. I suggest selecting predominantly solid clothing to avoid distraction and to maintain a “timeless’ quality. If you want to liven things up a bit, select a pattern or two to give variety. Stripes and polka dots never seem to go out of style. Children’s clothing can be a great source for a fun color pallet that will tie in your whole family’s wardrobe.
Texture photographs well! Choose a few items that will add texture: a scarf, vest, fun boots, jacket, a woven cardigan, etc. Layers are great. Rather than just a boy in a T-shirt, add a layer by wearing a button up shirt over the top. Belts, jewelry, watches all add to the “texture” element.”
Before you go out and buy an all new wardrobe: Gather from your closets some samples of the colors you are considering and line them up on a bed or couch and see how they look together. When you blur your eyes do you see lights and darks? What pops out? Save $$ by utilizing clothing you already have with the addition perhaps a new piece or two. After you’ve done your line up, see what is lacking (ie. another dark shirt, a complementary color, etc.) If you want your portrait to be authentic- avoid buying clothes that you know your family would never wear “in real life.”

swatch5P I N I T

swatch2P I N I T

Four_Rectangles_One_SquareP I N I T

swatch3P I N I T

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I’m shaking things up this year! No more weekend of mini sessions. This year, you pick the date, location , time and I show up with my camera. It doesn’t get much easier than that! And as a bonus, I’m also offering weekday morning session. This mini session is for the whole month of NOVEMBER ONLY! 

And the best thing is, if you schedule and pay your session in full before November 10th, you’ll get a FREE 8X10 PRINT.

Call me today at 956-433-1771 or send me an email at so we can schedule your awesome holiday pictures.

Location must be outside and $25 traveling fee apply outside of my area.

Best times are 9am, 10am, 4pm, or 5pm.

holidayminisessionP I N I T

1aP I N I T 2aP I N I T 3aP I N I T 4aP I N I T 6aP I N I T 8aP I N I T 9aP I N I T 10AP I N I T 11aP I N I T 12aP I N I T 13aP I N I T

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It was such a pleasure photographing Claudia from Claudia Farr Photography! I met this gorgeous soul at a Sunny Glenn Children’s Home event in San Benito, Tx a couple months ago and am very glad God sent me her way! She is the sweetest, kind hearted and most talented photographer in our area! Here are a few photos from her photo shoot. 😀

IMG_2385aP I N I T IMG_2391aP I N I T IMG_2400aP I N I T IMG_2441aP I N I T IMG_2480aP I N I T IMG_2493aP I N I T IMG_2505aP I N I T IMG_2513P I N I T IMG_2533aP I N I T IMG_2539aP I N I T IMG_2543aP I N I T IMG_2561aP I N I T

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I’ve said it before and I will say it again, these two are AWESOME. So in love, and so ready to have fun with each other. I think that Natasha trashing her dress is such a beautiful sentiment and so very perfect for the relationship these two have. Natasha was talking about putting her dress in a shadow box and hang it on the wall so she can remember how much fun she had trashing it at the beach with her best friend. I honestly think it’s even more beautiful now that it’s covered in neon paint and glitter.

This is how the day ended, let’s back up and I’ll show you how we got to this beautiful, colorful point.

1aP I N I T

3aP I N I T

4aP I N I T 5aP I N I T 6aP I N I T 7aP I N I T 8aP I N I T 9aP I N I T 10aP I N I T 11aP I N I T 12aP I N I T 13aP I N I T

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I am SUPER excited to announce my Fall Mini Sessions happening in Austin, Tx!!! I will be in Austin taking photographs for families November 14th-16th. For more information on how you can book your session please feel free to call me at (956)433-1771 or shoot me an email to Fall mini sessions dates and times are below. Mini Sessions always fill up fast so book your spot before they are gone!!

What’s Included?

30 minute session

15 edited images

up to 5 people

1-8×10 + 2-5x7s

When & Where?

November 14th-16th

Zilker Botanical Garden

Austin, Tx 

Times: 9am-11am or 3pm-5pm. 

To view photos please visit there website.

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